WelComE provides FREE Internet services to deployed personnel in both austere environments and Main Operating Bases, funded by the MOD.

Fixed Internet Services

Main Operating Bases have cabins or buildings with fixed WelComE PCs and telephones, providing full web browsing capability in an air conditioned environment.

The fixed internet services should be used for general web browsing, and are typically provided at a ratio of 1:50 personnel.

Wireless Internet

Wireless Internet is provided FREE to all WelComE Account Card holders, funded by UK MoD and provided by WelComE whilst on operational deployment.There are two separate types of wireless internet available at various locations, described below:

  • Wel2Go Small:  Ideal for early entry operations and can be used by up to 60 personnel
  • Wel2Go Medium: Ideal for smaller deployments and can be used by up to 300 personnel
  • Wi-Fi: In most other cases, a deployed location that does not have a Fixed Internet service will have Wi-Fi Internet provided.

All wireless services are subject to a fair usage policy

Useful Information

Content blocking

Limited content blocking is in place on all WelComE Internet services, meaning that websites that fall under certain categories cannot be accessed.

Websites that have unlawful content, that will impact on Network Integrity or have been defined by the MoD will be blocked.


OP MINIMISE is an operational procedure, which suspends WelComE telephone and Internet facilities at the discretion of the MoD, usually in the event of an incident in-theatre. The aim of OP MINIMISE is to ensure that sensitive information does not reach the general public prior to official notification by the MoD, and can be called at any time of day or night.