The WelComE service provides all UK service personnel deployed on ‘welfare-entitled’ deployments and exercises with publically funded calls, voicemail and internet access.

Air conditioned cabins are provided with fixed telephones (with doors) at Main Operating Bases; with the Wel2Go Small and Medium solutions, along with Iridium phones, used in more austere environments.

It is recommended that you make a note of your loved ones’ WelComE Account Number, as it is required to top up call time and to leave free voicemails whilst they are deployed. Calls made using the WelComE service will show up as being from 01438 775 477, which we recommend you save to your mobile phone book.

Welfare Entitlement

Personnel on welfare entitled operations and exercises are automatically provided with 30 minutes of publically funded telephone calls per week, which can be used to call anywhere in the world, with any unused welfare minutes carried forward until the end of their tour.

The WelComE Account Cards are activated through the Op-LOC process when the service person arrives at their location.

Calls from Public Telephones

WelComE Account Cards can also be used from most public telephones overseas. To do this, they will need to dial the International Access Number from the country they are dialling from, and then use their WelComE Account as usual.

Increasing Call Time

In addition to the 30 weekly minutes available to deployed personnel; family and friends can supplement call time by topping-up the WelComE Account Card directly via two methods:

  • Online Top-up Using the 9 digit WelComE Account Number, you are able to make a top-up directly to the account, with funds being instantly available Top up here!
  • WelComE Customer Contact Centre The WCCC is open Monday to Friday 06:00 to 22:00 (including bank holidays), and will require the following information:
    • The name and rank of the WelComE Account holder
    • Their 9 digit WelComE Account Number
    • Your own debit/credit card details (with the 3 digit security code)