Welfare Communications Everywhere, or WelComE, provides all UK service personnel deployed on ‘welfare-entitled’ deployments and exercises with publically funded calls, voicemail and internet access.

Your WelComE Account Card – provided prior to deployment – will stay with you for your entire military career. Together, the Account Number and PIN Number will provide access to all telephone and internet services in theatre, as well as topping up your call time via the Online Account Manager and the WelComE Customer Contact Centre.

For any questions regarding the WelComE service, please contact the WelComE Customer Contact Centre (WCCC) for more information (open from Monday - Friday 06:00 to 22:00 (UK) including bank holidays) by emailing or pressing *0 once you have accessed the WelComE Telephone system.

Prior to Deployment

Account Card Number: You will be provided with a unique 9 digit Account Number which will stay with you for your entire military career. It is important that you give family and friends this number, as they will need to reference it when topping up your call time, and leave voicemails.

Pre-deployment Briefings: The WelComE team regularly attends pre-deployment briefings at various bases around the country, and are able to provide information and answer questions about the WelComE service.

Arrival in Theatre

Upon Arrival: Your WelComE Account Card will be activated by the admin staff on board shortly after you arrive. If your ship is due to deploy for several months you will be given a welfare briefing by NCHQ staff to explain all of your welfare allowances and how you access these.

WelComE Number: Calls made using the WelComE service will show up as being from 01438 775 477. We recommend that you ask family and friends to save this telephone number to their mobile phone book.

Topping Up: The call time on your WelComE Account can be increased, by topping up via the Online Account Manager or by contacting the WCCC. Giving family and friends your Account Number will allow them to credit your account through Online Top-ups or the WCCC.

River City States: All welfare telephone and internet facilities are suspended when River City State 1 is declared. The Commanding Officer will enforce River City States 1,2 or 3 at any time during operations to ensure that sensitive information does not reach the general public prior to official notification by the MoD.

Available Services

Phone Calls: Deployed service personnel are credited with 30 minutes of publically funded phone calls every Sunday evening (with any unused minutes carried forward until the end of their tour).

Internet: Free internet services are available on all ships, subject to any MOD content blocking policies.

Voicemails: The WelComE voicemail service allows friends and family to leave free voicemail messages for WelComE Account Card holders. Account Card holders will be notified of any voicemail messages when they next access their WelComE Account and will be able to retrieve and listen to it for free.

Calls from Public Telephones: WelComE Account Cards can also be used from most public telephones overseas. To do this, you need to dial the International Access Number from the country you are dialling from, and then use your WelComE Account as usual.