The WelComE service provides all UK service personnel deployed on ‘welfare-entitled’ ship based deployments and exercises with publically funded calls, voicemail and internet access. Your WelComE Account Card – containing your Account Number and PIN – is required to access WelComE phone (and internet) services both on board and from public telephones.

It is recommended that family and friends make a note of your WelComE Account Number, as it is required to top up your call time and to leave you free voicemails whilst deployed at sea.

Calls made using the WelComE service will show up as being from 01438 775 477. We recommend that you ask family and friends to save this telephone number to their mobile phone book.

Making Calls At Sea

  1. Dial the access number for the WelComE system you are using:

    CSS: 96218 7117
    SSS: 9298 6218 7117
    Iridium: User guide issued with satphone
    ESIX 2: 7117
    Fleet Broadband: 7117
    NAICIS: Lift receiver, phone automatically connects
    Mini M: 7117

  2. After you hear the greeting, press 1 to use your account
  3. When you hear ‘Please enter your account card number and PIN’ enter your 9 digit account number followed by your 4 digit PIN, which is hidden under the scratch off panel
  4. On first use, you must choose a new 4 digit PIN
  5. You can then choose between using option 1: Your welfare minutes or option 2: the private side of your account

Welfare Entitlement

Personnel on welfare entitled operations and exercises are automatically provided with 30 minutes of publically funded telephone calls per week, which can be used to call anywhere in the world, with any unused welfare minutes carried forward until the end of your tour.

Private Account & Increasing Call Time

Call time can be increased by topping up the private side of your WelComE Account in several ways:

  • Online Account Manager
    You can independently manage your WelComE Account online, including viewing your remaining minutes, downloading itemised statements, checking account balance and transaction history, and saving favourite numbers/creating dial codes.

    Providing your WelComE Account Number to family and friends also allows them to top-up your WelComE Account via a separate registration/login.

    Click here to get started with the WelComE Account Manager

  • Welcome Customer Contact Centre
    The private side of your WelComE Account can be topped up by contacting our dedicated UK Call Centre; the WCCC, open from Monday - Friday 06:00 to 22:00 (UK) – including bank holidays.

    To top up, the WCCC need to be contacted by dialling *0 once the WelCome Telephone System has been accessed. You will be asked to provide the 9 digit WelComE Account Number and your own debit/credit card details (with the 3 digit security code).

    Click here for more information on the WCCC


    Disposable Cards (NAAFI/EFI/BFPO)
    Deployed personnel can also buy £10 and £20 WelComE phone cards from the NAAFI/EFI/BFPO outlets.

    Once purchased, it is important to transfer this credit onto the private side of the Account Card to benefit from subsidised call rates. Please follow the voice prompts on any WelComE provided telephone to transfer this credit onto your WelComE Account.

  • Families and Friends
    Family and friends can supplement call time by topping-up the WelComE Account Card directly via two methods; a separate registration/login on the Online Account Manager, or calling the WelComE Customer Contact Centre (WCCC).

    Family and friends only have the ability to top-up a private account, and cannot request information regarding call history, logs, balance, or minutes.

    Details on how family and friends are able to top up are provided in the tailored Family & Friends section of

Compassionate Cards: Cards pre-stored with 30 minutes call time are distributed at the discretion of the MoD for compassionate reasons.

Calls from Public Telephones / On Land

WelComE Account Cards can also be used from most public telephones overseas. To do this, you need to dial the International Access Number from the country you are dialling from, and then use your WelComE Account as usual.

Please be aware that if you use a mobile phone, you may be charged. Please check with your network provider.